what influences mortgage rates

The housing market can be illustrated with the basic interaction between supply and demand. Any expected or unexpected change in either supply or demand for housing influences mortgage rates.

Why do Mortgage Rates Change? – MoneyWise – Why do Mortgage Rates Change? What Factors Affect Fixed and Variable canadian mortgage rates? There are many factors that influence the health of the economy; unemployment, inflation, consumer confidence and the housing market, just to name a few.

Does Income Affect Your Mortgage Rate? – Budgeting Money – You want the lowest possible interest rate attached to your mortgage loan because this will give you a lower mortgage payment each month. If you take out a.

The 10 factors that affect your mortgage rate (and what to do about them) Gina Pogol The Mortgage Reports editor. august 27, 2017 – 2 min read.. Taking control of mortgage rate factors.

What factors affect my mortgage rate? This is a common question among home buyers and mortgage shoppers, especially those who have never been through.

This article discusses the factors involved with the changing of mortgage rates. We research, you save. Got Questions On Rates? (855) 610-2972.. So what moves mortgage rates? Supply. Demand. Competition for money. Inflation. The Economy. Expectations. And you, of course.

Government-issued bonds affect mortgage rates on another level. Investment firms use mortgages as an investment product, selling a stake in home mortgages.

7 Factors That Affect Your Mortgage Rate With that introduction aside, let’s look at seven specific factors that can affect your mortgage rate when shopping for a loan. 1.

Factors That Influence Interest Rates – JVM Lending – The Fed: The Federal Reserve does influence rates with its policy statements, its open market operations (buying and selling bonds), and its primary tool – the Fed Funds Rate. This is the rate that banks charge other banks for overnight loans and it is set by the Fed.

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The ultra-short-term Federal Funds rate — an overnight lending rate between banks — has little direct influence on longer-term rates, such as those found on mortgage loans. These are more likely to be influenced by moves in longer-term Treasuries, such as the 10-year seen above.

There are many factors that can influence mortgage rates that go beyond your credit score or how much of a down payment you have.