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Your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio is the percentage of your monthly income that goes toward paying your debt. It’s important not to confuse your debt-to-income ratio with your credit utilization, which represents the amount of debt you have relative to your credit card and line of credit limits. Many lenders, especially mortgage and auto lenders, use your debt-to-income ratio to figure out the.

DTI Ratio for auto loans. naturally, the lower your DTI percentage, the better. If you’re applying for an auto loan, lenders typically want to see a DTI of no more than 36 percent of your monthly gross income. For example, if you make around $2,500 a month, you may be denied a car loan if your monthly debt payments total more than $900.

What Are Good Debt-to-Income Ratios for Auto Loans? – The next time you want to get an auto loan, be prepared to be asked for your most recent pay stub. Although the lender also will pull your credit score, your debt-to-income ratio will play a significant role in the loan decision.

How to Calculate Debt to Income Ratio: 15 Steps. – wikiHow – To calculate debt to income ratio, start by adding up your monthly costs for housing, transportation, credit cards, medical bills, loan payments, and any other recurring bills to calculate your monthly debt. Next, calculate your gross monthly income, which is the income you make before taxes are taken out of your paycheck.

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How to Get a Personal Loan With High Debt | – A low debt-to-income ratio means you have a strong flow of income relative to debt and you should be able to pay back a personal loan. According to Wells Fargo, a good debt-to-income ratio is 35 percent or less. You still may be able to get a loan with a debt-to-income ratio of 36 percent to 49 percent, but your personal loan options are more.

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